Interview With the Winners - Gail and Wayne Misselbrook 2011 BPS Simcoe Open

Time on the Water Canada caught up with Wayne and Gail after the tournament to get their perspective of the day that was.

TOTW - A husband and wife team winning a major tournament is a rare occurrence. What does it mean to win the tournament and how does it feel to accomplish this together?

Gail and I have been married for 26 years and we have two wonderful daughters Amy now 24 and Carrie 22 years old. Gail has not only supported me but encourages me to be better at my passion. The chance to fish together and do well or even win means everything to us. We share the same passion and we get to do it together. It would be difficult to compete at this level without the support of your family.

TOTW - It was a rough week to find fish leading up to the tournament. How did you prepare, did you find fish this week or was it from experience in past tournaments?

Most of my old partners and friends kid me about being a shallow water largemouth guy. I really wanted to learn to fish Simcoe and compete so for the last five years I have been accumulating new big fish spots and techniques, particularly after the Simcoe Open. We designed our milk run so we could hit as many of these spots as possible.

Preparation for a tournament like this doesn’t happen the week before or even the year before. All of the things I’ve learned from other people or by myself come into play. I learned so much every year and it doesn’t matter how long we've tournament fished, we are all just students of the game and will never stop learning and that’s paying off now.

TOTW - Where on the lake did you catch most of your fish.

We fished a wide area moving from waypoint to wpt.


TOTW - Did the fish come quick and how many did you catch overall?

The first two fish came quickly. Gail caught the first fish and the next was in the same spot. It was a tough day, we only got 6 fish and four other hits. The right ones came before 11:30 when we culled our last fish.

TOTW - What bait worked best today?

We dragged heavily weighted baits but I’m sworn by Gail to keep most of the details a secret.

TOTW - What techniques worked best?

Dragging to cover water and drop-shotting to fish we seen on the screen.

TOTW - Did you weigh all your fish and know what you had?

We didn't bother to weigh fish that looked 6 lbs or better.


TOTW - Any incidence funny or scary during the day.

The scariest thing that happened was almost losing a fish that was over 6.5 pounds. We landed the fish but it was hooked deep. I’ve lost fish hooked where this one was and it was bleeding. We could only cut the hook off and pour some Stay Alive on the area as well as in the live-well. If the fish died we would have come second after losing a pound for a dead fish, but more than that you just hate to see an incredible fish like that die. We separated the fish in the livewell and watched it for an hour. It stopped bleeding and was as lively as the others after that.
Other than that the day was perfect! When it's your day, nothing seems to go wrong.

TOTW - Any plans for next year?

The only date that is in stone is the Simcoe Open with Gail.


Gail's fishing resume’ is something some anglers would envy and Wayne’s is extensive and impressive.

Wayne doesn’t keep track of tournament placements but wins have been many. He has won Team of the year (4) times in his 20 year career and runner up several times. He has won numerous tournaments.


Wayne and Gail’s only sponsor is Redwing Tackle / Spider Thread.


A cheque for $20,000.00 plus another $5000.00 for a separate pool makes it a pretty good day!

Vita Pallotta smiles as the popular couple take the lead.

2010 4th place finish BPS Simcoe Open with a weight of 29.45 pounds.



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