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Road to the Classic 2010

The 2010 Hank Gibson Provincial Qualifier will move to the most prolific smallmouth waters in North America, Lake Erie, as five OBFN chapters won the bid for the event. The five hosting clubs, consisting of Hamilton Bassmasters, Niagara Bassmasters, St. Catharine's Bassmasters, Dunnville Bassmasters, and K-W Cambridge Bassmasters, have put a lot of effort into the initial planning stages of hosting this Qualifier. Many things are already confirmed, including the launch location at Chippewa Creek , and preliminary rules, said Paul Kroisenbrunner of K-W Cambridge chapter.

This  year’s qualifier promises to be well attended unlike the last time the qualifier was held here when less than 40 boats participated. Since then, Erie has become a favorite spring and fall fishery. Although the Niagara River is the launch point, if the wind stays tame and allows everyone to head to Erie, we could see a lot of quality weights. The two day event will decide Team Ontario 2010 for 12 qualifiers and one alternate. That team will move on to the B.A.S.S.  Eastern Divisional hosted by Vermont where the venue could be Lake Champlain, another outstanding smallmouth lake and a favorite of many OBFN members.

 Lake Erie is a great equalizer that doesn't require home water advantage to put together a good bag of fish, but choosing the best baits and techniques for the time of year will go a long way to earning a position on the team. Home water advantage could come into play if the wind blows and keeps everyone in the river.

Erie has a reputation for blowing up and certainly strong west or south west winds can make it a dangerous lake to be on, but like any large body of water there are plenty of perfect or navigable days where the only limitations is how much gas your tank holds because it would be difficult to run out of trophy producing water.  

What You Will Need

Boaters and non boaters will require a NY State fishing licence. These licenses can be purchased online here. Other documents you must have with you can be found here.

Although you are launching from the Canadian side of the Niagara river and may not intend on fishing the American side, your partner may want to fish U.S. waters.

Boaters Require Additional Equipment

Equipment and safety equipment requirements are different in U.S. Waters. For more information on current requirements click here




Chippawa Creek Boat Launch

Launch site and directions to Chippawa Creek





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